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Carpet Cleaning East Norriton

Savvy carpet owners know the importance of good carpet care - They know that Carpet Cleaning East Norriton is the best of the best when it comes to carpet and interior cleaning. They know that it lengthens the life of their carpet. They know that it keeps interiors looking and smelling better.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning East Norriton cleans carpets and rugs of all sizes. Before cleaning any carpet or rug, the rug is inspected to determine its composition and to pinpoint any areas that will require special attention. In most cases, carpets are steam cleaned, though carpet dry cleaning is also available when required. Carpet steam cleaning has been proven to be the most effective in achieving long lasting cleaning and deodorizing. As jets of steam are propelled onto the carpet, dirt, dust, bacteria and mites are jarred loose from the carpet base, and then whisked away when the moisture is extracted. Water tanks and debris receptacles, as well as the machinery that powers the steam cleaning mechanism, are contained in a truck mounted unit installed in the company's van.

Oriental Rugs, handmade rugs, and other specialty rugs need special treatment. These rugs can be cleaned where they lie or, if required, they can be taken to Carpet Cleaning East Norriton's cleaning facility. No matter where they are cleaned, the end result will be the same: stain free, clean, fresh smelling rugs.

Steam Cleaning Solutions
Carpet, Rug, Upholstery, Mattress, Pet Urin Odor & Stain Removal
Water Damage & Mold Remediation
Water Extraction, Drying, Restoration, Mold Inspection Testing & Remediation
High Pressure Cleaning
Built-up dust, Grime & mold on Concrete, Gutter Scrub, Roof, Awning, Deck & Driveway
Air Duct System Cleaning
Ductwork, blower, cage, coils, pan and return air supply cleaning and sanitizing. Dryer vent maintenance.
Eco Friendly alternative
Safe Green Cleaning SolutionsOur goal is to keep your home, office and our beautiful planet as clean and healthy as can be and free from the toxins of ordinary chemical cleaning products and practices.
Finest Quality With Competitive Prices Feel free to ask us any question484-961-0200Finest quality with competitive prices!

Wood Floor Refinishing - East Norriton Carpet Cleaning

East Norriton Carpet Cleaning provide wood floor refinishing service. If your wood floor is showing signs of wear has been neglected, has been exposed to excessive moisture or if you just want to change the look of the room, you have several options. You can remove or replace the floor, you can cover it up with area rugs or carpets, or you can have the floor refinished. Wood floor refinishing is a labor intensive, time consuming operation that is not cheap, but it is a process that delivers extraordinary results. Your floors will look and feel new, and if you follow the recommended maintenance protocol, they can continue to service you for a lifetime.

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Feel free to ask us any question484-961-0200Finest quality with competitive prices!